Coaching Centers
CareerLMS is a good choice for coaching centers such as PSC, Entrance coachings, Tution centers, e.t.c
Schools & Colleges
CareerLMS works for Schools and Colleges of any size, browse through the features and reach us in case of any help
Robust and Secure
CareerLMS is featured with a secure security layer, and data privacy strictly tightened as well.


CareerLMS designed for Instructors to create training easily and faster. Here is the high level workflow.

Create Training

A global content manager (role at platform level) you can create a new training

Create Course/Module

The creation is pretty straightforward, and required to enter a title, a description (optional), an image

Add Activity

Actvity can be set of questions that the student to answer to finish the training.

Set Permissions

Set permission to a specific user or a user group who can attend the training.


Finally, publish and make the training available for the users to attend.


List of core features

Why choose CareerLMS

Lot many activities to choose from
1. External package: This makes possible to load a package created externally
2. File upload: Quiz question letting the user load a file (for example an assignment), that will require manual scoring by the teacher
3. Long answer: Quiz question letting the user answer with a long text
4. Slide: Theory slide
5. Video: Videos that can be either external (Youtube for example) or internally uploaded from a phone of computer
6. Audio: Audios that can be either external or internally uploaded from a phone of computer
7. Drag and Drop: Quiz question consisting in drag and drop
8. Drag Text: Quiz question consisting in drag and drop of text
9. Essay: Quiz question consisting in writing an essay
10.Fill in the Blanks: Quiz question consisting in filling blank spaces within a text
11.Flashcards: Interactive content consisting in flashcards
12.Hotspots: Interactive content consisting in clicking on some hotspots on images
13.Image Juxtaposition: Interactive content allowing to have 2 images one under the other, with a slider allowing to switch from one image to the other one (useful for comparison, for example between one picture ``before`` and one picture ``after``)
14.Interactive Video: Interactive content allowing to select a video (either external or internal) and add some interactions on top of it (text, quizzes)
15.Multiple Choice: Quiz question consisting in multiple choice question
16.Question Set: Interactive content allowing to group several questions displayed in sequence
17.Questionnaire: Interactive content allowing to build questionnaires
18.Timeline: Interactive content allowing to build timelines
19.True/False Question: Quiz question consisting in true/false question
Learning path manager
CareerLMS offers a very intuitive tool, allowing to graphically build the learning paths. This tool is available when creating or editing a training. It is the second tab in the training's management interface. This learning path builder was designed to give a clear overview of the structure of your training.
Instructor-led trainings
Instructor-led trainings are related to the in-house sessions at a physical place, where teacher and students will meet. ILT entities make possible to have them managed in CareerLMS, available in the calendar, make them required steps of a training, register attendances and scores. The creation form requires to enter a title, start and end dates, a place, and some optional members restriction. Start and end dates can be easily selected using a calendar widget. If no members restiction is defined, then all the users of that training will be registered to that instructor-led training.
You can also restrict this instructor-led training to only some users. To add one user to the list of restricted ones, you first need to enter the first letter(s) of his name in the text field, to see the list of matching users appear. Then you can select one of several ones, and move them to the right box (``Selected options``) by clicking on the arrow. Once the instructor-led training is created, users will see notifications in the top right bar of the interface.